Justin Moore has quietly made his way up the country music ladder and is on the verge of having a phenomenally successful career. You have a chance to fly to Arizona for 3 days to meet Justin Moore. Find out how at kixs.com. 

I find it interesting that he isn't interested in doing much television (or so he says now).
When it comes to television, Justin Moore doesn’t have plans to follow in his buddies Blake Shelton and Keith Urban’s footsteps. When speaking to CMT Daily Roundup, Justin said, “You know what, as far as TV goes I have no desire to act. I don’t have a face for TV. I will never say never. You know, there are opportunities that come up that you have to think about. But for me, right now my soul reason for being where I’m at and my soul desire is to play music.” Justin is completely content promoting his new music including his new single “Til My Last Day.” He is currently on the road with Blake’s Well Lit & Amplified tour which stops in Bismarck, North Dakota tomorrow (3/20).
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