Taking over the mic this morning was Judy as JP in the Morning’s co-host. Judy  lives in Lolita and works in Vanderbilt. Here is a little about Judy.

Judy always wanted to be a dance teacher when she grew up. She took tap, ballet, and jazz lessons. If she ever won the lottery she would pay off her bills and take her family on a nice vacation. She is a dog lover and has a dog named Girlfriend. Her favorite song is” Kiss Me in the Dark” by Honey Bee. Judy’s dad and his brothers had a polka band back in the day called  “The Edna Polka Boys” and she grew up dancing to polkas and waltz. Her favorite song as a kid was “In Heaven There is no Beer.” If she had to select three songs to be on her life soundtrack it would be “Lord it’s Hard to be Humble”,  “When You’re Perfect in Every Way”, and “The Best Keeps Getting Better All the Time”. If Judy was immortal for a day, she want to be a guardian Angel, protecting and guiding those she cares most about.You could be next co host but you have to enter to win, click here to enter.