We are celebrating the Days of Summer with Hang Time Trampoline Park.  All summer long we are asking you tell us why your kiddos ROCK.  This week’s winners are Makenna Reyna and Joshua Carrasco.  We will announce to rockin’ kiddos each Tuesday.  Both kiddos will receive a certificate to jump for one hour for free at Hang Time Trampoline Park.  See why the kiddos rock below:

Joshua Carrasco

Good grades, putting others first and having a love of animals is what makes Joshua stand out.  Hard work is always appreciated and we want to acknowledge Joshua Carrasco for his outstanding grades and his care for others.

In his mom’s words:

“My son rocks because he has such a loving and caring personality.  He works hard to stay on the AB honor roll and always puts his best friends and family first.  He also works hard at raising his show goat and spends his free time with his best friend Haylee, which is his pet Boxer.”

ThanksJulie Carrasco for letting us know why Joshua rocks!

Makenna Reyna:

What’s not to like about a loving big sister that does her chores with a smile?  Makenna Reyna is another kiddo that not only rocks because she brings joy into this world, but she can also rock out on the electric guitar.  This kiddo is her own little rock star.

As her mom put it:

“Makenna is a 12 year old Super Sister!  She patiently teaches her 10 year old little brother stuff.  She gladly helps with household chores, always wears a smile and has a magnetic heart that radiates warmth.  Her talent with her electric guitar just amplies her coolness.  She loves spreading happiness and that makers her our gem.”

ThanksTami Reyna for introducing us to Makenna and letting us know why she rocks!