Former Nascar driver Jeremy Mayfield was arrested for possession of meth and police confiscated more than 50 firearms from his house. After years of dealing with Nascar and allegations of drug use it finally comes out and now it makes me wonder if most of Mayfield's crashes were actually caused from drug use.


Cue the redneck hillbilly jokes now.  So that's why most people in the south don't have teeth.  Is that why Mayfield was the only one on the track trying to make right turns?  You say he's giving rednecks a bad name with this story.  Well stop doing meth then, fool. 

I think every Nascar driver should actually be put on mind altering drugs.  How about throwing in some demolition derby on the track during the races?

  I know Mayfield can't be the only one using drugs in Nascar.  These guys are paid for speed.  Maybe that's why Kyle Busch is always in an angry mood and acting out on and off the track.   I will say this in Mayfields defense,  those guys go around in circles for hours at a time.  I would probably at least want some Nodoz.  I know this video is from 2003, but,  if you look closely, you can see him hitting the pipe just before the wreck.  Just kidding.