How do you intend to spend your next birthday? A party, maybe? Maybe a trip or just spending time with friends and family? It's another one of those things you don't think about, but if you're a country singer in the middle of a major tour, you can't just stop to celebrate your birthday.

 Where did you spend your last birthday? Wherever it was, odds are that Jake Owen is going to out do you this weekend. According to CMT FDaily Roundup, he’ll celebrate his 30th birthday in Dallas, Texas as part of Keith Urban’s Get Closer World Tour. While the venue is undoubtedly going to lend its self to a memorable occasion, Jake’s aware of what turning another year older means. “I had some pretty awesome things happen in my 20s. And so as I’m turning 30, I’m just at a place now where I think about my life more than I think about just day-to-day. When you’re 22, 23 years old, and you’re just going day-to-day, you don’t think about the ‘bigger picture’. You don’t think about ‘Damn, I’m 30! My kid – if I don’t have a kid ‘til I’m 40 – he’s not gonna wanna throw a baseball when he’s 10 with his 50-year-old dad!’ You know?!” The excitement doesn’t stop after his birthday celebration, Jake’s third album Barefoot Blue Jean Night hits stores Monday, August 29th. 

  As Hurricane Irene approaches the U.S., Jake Owen knows from growing up in Florida what goes into preparing for a storm to hit. “Growin’ up in Florida, you seem to watch The Weather Channel all the time. You just don’t know, like, when somethin’s comin’. You gotta start packin’, not only your clothes and everything to head out and go to get some refuge, but you gotta board up your windows on the house. It’s just a big pain, so, hurricanes are just not fun at all, and they’re really devastating.”

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