Respect from your peers and validation are very important, even if you're a successful country singer. I guarantee you, at least to some of these guys and gals, it's more important than anything else. Jake Owen has worked and waited a long, long time for his moment in the sun.

Jake Owen celebrated his first #1 single, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” at a party in Nashville earlier this week. It was Jake’s first #1 party, and though it’s taken him a few years to reach the top of the charts, Jake says it’s still an amazing feeling. Rodney Atkins surprised him with a phone call recently, congratulating him on his success.“He called me and he said, ‘Man, listen, if anybody knows what it’s like to go a long time without having any hits, and then finally getting one—I do. And the minute I heard that ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night,’ I just knew that was gonna be your big song. I just want you to know that I’m pulling for you and I just want you to know you just need to keep on keeping on, doing your thing cause you’re great…and man, that’s kinda all I wanted to tell ya!’ [Laughs]” Watch the video for Jake’s latest single, “Alone With You,” on
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