It was another fun filled morning getting to know our listeners.  This morning I had the pleasure of having Jaclyn joining me on Weds morning,  She was not born in Texas but she got here as soon as she could.  She is graduated from Memorial High School(2008) during their short run as school in Victoria.  She is married to her high school sweetheart(aww) and is a stay at home mom of two children.  She is known as Betty Crocker in her circle of friends because she loves to bake AND she can make homemade tortillas.  I can't wait for my delivery, just kidding.  She also knocked her weather break in and her sponsorship read out of the park.  She wishes she could see NSYNC in concert just one more time, it's that 13 year old girl just waiting to come out one last time.  I will continue to invite our listeners to join the show, this is something I really enjoy!  Get all the details and register at KIXS.COM.