No matter how many times I wash my car I always see a layer of yellow dust on my hood as I drive. That yellow annoyance is pollen. It will turn a red vehicle orange. You really can't prevent pollen from getting on your car unless you just keep it in the garage all day. 

This is probably why I sneeze every morning for about 5 minutes before work.  So how do you prevent pollen?  Pollen counts are actually the highest 5-10a.m. and on hot, dry, and windy days so wait untill late afternoon or after a heavy rain for outdoor activities.  Instead of drying your clothes outside use the dryer.  Pets also bring pollen indoors so possibly brush them off before they come inside.  Keep your grass mowed short as well. 

Here I am complaining about pollen after I see a video like this.  I've never seen it this bad and if you think about it.  It kind of scares you to see what you would find if you shake a tree here in this area.  Has anyone ever experienced pollen like what you see below?