I'm sure a lot of you have wondering what the deal is with Gold's Gym only charging $1 to sign up for a membership.  I am pleased to tell you that there are no games, gimmicks, hidden fees, or whatever you want to call it involved.  It really is only $1 to sign up for a membership. 

It's only for a limited time though so you will have to take advantage of it as soon as possible.  Perhaps instead of buying that extra soda or coffee you can take it to the yellow trailer on Navarro beside Ashley Furniture and sign up.  Just one dollar will get you signed up for a monthly membership.  It's basically your enrollment fee.  But like I said it's only for a limited time.  It's up to you if you want to save money.

You can go with the regular membership at the rate of only $9.99 per month or the Gold membership at $19.99 which has so many more features for you to use.  It consists of unlimited use of the tanning beds as well as the massage chairs.  You get to bring in a friend everytime you come to work out, 50% off pre, post, and energy drinks, group training, and so much more. 

There will be over 150 pieces of equipment for you to better yourself including a cardio cinema which I personally will be looking forward to.  It's basically a big movie screen you watch while working out!  How about that!  You know time goes by faster whenever you watch tv while your working out.  It will for sure be awesome. 

I had the opportunity to see a few pictures of what it will look like when completed which should be mid-June, and wow!  It looks like it should be in a city like Houston or San Antonio.  The good thing is, it's right here in Victoria at a more than reasonable price.  There are a few people there named Miranda and Justin that used to work at other local gyms in this area that are already there and they will be more than happy to explain just how awesome this place will be. 

Do yourself a favor and go by there just to check it out,  and make sure you take a dollar with you just in case.  It's located right beside Ashley Furniture on Navarro and while the building is in the process of being turned into the best gym around you need to go to the yellow trailer on the corner.  You can't miss it.