There is a strange rule in the broadcasting business (the 'biz' as we call it) that says we can't use the words super and bowl together unless we are actually promoting the Super... see there... I almost did it. What is up with that? It's been around for 45 years and now we can't call it by name?

So, what you get is a list of media generated names meant to trigger an image of  'the big game' in your mind. See... 'the big game' is one of the most used. There's also 'the NFL championship', 'the super game', 'the big one', 'the game of the year', 'the big season finale', so on and so forth.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I would think that the NFL would appreciate any free publicity concerning their precious game. See... there you go... another name for the list. The truth is, you can actually use the 'Super' name, but only if you're promoting the 'Bowl'. This is to keep businesses from using the big game to promote themselves. That means you can't have a 'Super Bowl sale'.  Oh no, I did it. I hope I'm not in trouble with the NFL now. Maybe I should have said a 'Grand Basin sale' instead.

By the way, I had a super bowl of chili for supper last night. Just sayin'...