Country music means a lot of different things to different people. Being a country deejay allows me to stay on top of what is popular with country music fans all over the world. I have my personal preferences, and we'll get to that later, but my job is to make you happy. What I want to hear really has no bearing on what we play at KIXS 108. The only way I know what you want to hear is if you tell me. You have several options; email, telephone, and Facebook, just to name a few. I'm always happy to hear from you.

I hear a lot of talk about the 'popification' (that's not a word, but you get the idea) and 'homogenization' of country music. I hear lots of complaints about one artist or another or one song or another being too 'pop' oriented. These complaints come from the country music purist or the 'traditional country' fan.

However, they must remember... the word 'pop' comes from the word 'popular'. I also hear people say that 'all that country stuff sounds alike'. I suppose, to a certain extent, it does. It's called style. It's called genre. It's all called country music.

I personally enjoy old, traditional country music ( The Louvin Brothers, George Jones, Vern Gosdin, Buck Owens, etc.). I also enjoy new traditionalists (George Strait, Alan Jackson, Joe Nichols, etc.). If that ain't country, I'll kiss the dog right on the mouth. I think my favorites may be the 'guitar slingers' (Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Vince Gill, etc.). I also love to listen to The Beatles, Ricky Skaggs, Little Feat, Marty Stuart, The Outfield, Bob Wills, Stephen Stills, Del Reeves, Cage The Elephant, Rodney Crowell, Jackson Browne, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Jesse Winchester, The Allman Brothers,... well, this could go on forever.

We aren't here to play what I want to hear. We do this for you. So, if you're a KIXS 108 listener or you would like to be, let us know what you want to hear.