Songs allow one to communicate ideas, feelings, emotions that otherwise  would never be expressed.  It is a safe haven for what would otherwise remain unspoken... uncommunicated.
The power of the right song can make you roll down your windows and transport you back 20+ years .  The wrong song can make you turn it off.   So much of our lives are entwined with songs.  It is why we remember what songs were playing when….you had your first  dance, your first kiss, your first hearbreak.  It is why we remember what songs were sung at a loved one’s funeral.  It is why we dedicate songs to people. Songs are why we  quote lyrics to people.  Songs are at least part of the reason we insist on getting on the karaoke machine and belting out those standard favorites.
I think we all fancy ourselves  songwriters.  We all feel we have a song to write. And perhaps we do. I invite you to give it a try and, please, send me your finished song. I'd love to hear it. 
Don't misunderstand... music is not the only means of expressing yourself artistically. There's dance, sculpting, poetry, photography, drawing, painting... any number of options.  
I have never seen someone tap their toe while looking at a painting.    

Earlier, I attempted to express what "music" means to me. Now I would like to move on to songs. What's the difference? Let me see if I can explain.