I have been craving the Outback Steakhouse lately.  It is my favorite place to eat.  I actually used to work at a Outback.  I was a fry cook, I made salads and desserts, and was placed on grill once in awhile, and I helped out with dishes when they were getting stomped.  I loved it, especially at the end of the night when we were allowed to take home a meal.

In my opinion the best thing there is the Alice Springs Chicken.  It's an 8oz piece of seasoned chicken with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, cheese, and honey mustard sauce.  It's amazing!  The steaks there are unbelieveable, blooming onion, baked potatos, the croutons for the salads.  I just love it.

My question is: Why isn't there an Outback here in Victoria?  Seriously, everyone I talk to loves the Outback and has said that Victoria needs one.  I couldn't agree more.  We dont' need another chinese buffett, or another mexican restaurant.  Or fast food places, I think we have more than enough fast food places.

I think an Outback Steakhouse would do extremely well here.  The only problem is, I don't think they are open for lunch.  BOOOO.  Or Five Guys Burgers, they are sooooo good, but I don't really think we need another burger joint.  Another barbecue place I think would be nice.  One things for sure, in Victoria we have a pretty good selection of food.  However like I said we need another steak place!

What do you think would do well in Victoria?  Do you agree we need an Outback Steakhouse?  Do we lack any type of food business in Victoria?  I would really like to hear what you think about this.  Who knows, maybe we will get one if we have enough votes.