I finally bought my first pair of boots! I am from Ohio and have been here in the great state of Texas for about 5 years maybe more and I have always wanted a pair. I got my tax check in and thought I should treat myself to a good pair of boots.

It wasn't really too hard for me to look for a pair, I kind of had an idea on what I wanted before I went in. As soon as I tried em on I had made up my mind. They are extremely comfortable and they look awesome.

When looking for your pair of cowboy boots though what is it that you look for? Do you prefer pointed, square, round? A certain brand? Or do you go for style or comfort? I had asked a few people on facebook what they prefer and one of the main things that first came up was comfort. It depends what you will be doing in them, you can use them just for the ranch, go dancing, go to your office job, or a pair to impress.

I think most people prefer square but that was one of the things that I really didn't pay attention to. I looked at a style and liked the way it looked, and it just so happened they were comfortable. I bought of round Tony Lama boots.  I'm pretty happy about my boots and I will certainly show them off as much as possible. Some other opinions I had on facebook were:

“I think a shoe/boot should be an extension of your personality.. are you flashy, plain, practical, etc?? .. but i'm weird like that.. haha!! sometimes you get lucky and find a boot that covers all your bases.” Monett Mooney Cox

“Square toe, slick bottoms, rubber heel, durable, stylish, not too "busy" so they go with diff things, boots u can wear in the dirt & on the dance floor”  Heather Guerrero

"Lucchese..Anderson Bean...Tony Lama Extreme.....full quill ostrich square toe is what I prefer!"Robbie Stephanie Blaschke

 “No points, square is stylish. Comfort is everything”  Ben Marsee

“I prefer ariat or justins...NO POINTED TOE! dont really care what the top looks like because no one sees it. square toe for sure because it has more room for my fat feet”  J.D. Tierney

"Tony lamas are all about the colors for girls, pink top, green top, blue top, usually square or round toe, who does points anymore? Lol & some are blinged out also" Misty Davis