Back in the the ’80s, all sorts of  relevant pop cultural stuff would take place in malls. Like Tiffany, who promoted her (only) number one album back on 1987 by touring malls throughout North America.

Sure, pop stars like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still do the occasional mall pop-in. But these days, malls are mostly just places where one can buy soggy pizza and soap that smells really good. That’s all going to change on March 3rd, when the ‘Hunger Games’ movie takes a page out of Tiffany’s (and Bieber’s) playbook and embarks on promotional tour of America’s malls in anticipation of the film’s March 23rd premiere.

According to Lionsgate, which is producing the movie, the tour will give fans a chance to interact with the movie’s stars, who will appear at the events.

Each stop will include a Q&A event where fans will have a chance to ask questions of their favorite cast members and participate in fun giveaways such as a chance to win a limited-edition Hunger Games HP Folio PC from the Microsoft Store or additional Hunger Games gear. Talent will be available for select press opportunities the morning of each tour stop,” reads the press release.

Malls in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Minneapolis, Seattle and Atlanta will also be included on the tour, which ends March 10. Not every actor will be at every event — for example headline star Jennifer Lawrence will only be hitting LA, Miami, Minneapolis and Seattle — so make sure to check the schedule before heading out.