If you have ever tried to do a burnout in a Neon or Cavalier or any car similar to these, it's not easy. Of course, if you're going around a corner, then you can do one in any car.  I have done many myself and I have quite the interesting tale to tell about that as well.

I remember and will never ever forget when I was 16 I took my parents Astro Van out and about.  Well, I wanted to do a burnout and it was a great success.  I then was pulled over for doing so because I failed to watch out for the police.  It was a really small town and he gave me a warning.  Then I got the bright idea of trying to get a bigger, better, more powerful burnout in the Astro van.

It was a complete failure.  I don't know why I tried this, and I don't remember if I put it in neutral or park, but I revved up the engine and then put it in drive.  It didn't work.  I had to call my dad because it messed up the van.  He was super mad.

So there you go, don't try what I did and don't follow in the footsteps of this guy in the video... unless, of course, the car is already totaled!