The other day when I was playing Riverside Golf Course, I ran into the golf coach Troy McIntosh of Victoria East.  They were there practicing for the upcoming Regionals.  We have some pretty good young golfers in the area and 3 schools in Victoria have kids in both the regionals and state tournaments. 

First of all from Victoria East will be playing Pecan Valley Golf Course in San Antonio Monday through Thursday.  Weston Hall and Josh Moya are the individual Titan medalists and will be representing East in that tournament.  Ali Cowan, Cassidy Hoad, Jackie Gonzales, Tessa Lev, Briana Reyes and medalist Linsey Crabb are from the girls golf team at East. 

Trevor Vega, Shannon Hawes, Trent Lee, Reed Elder, and Klayton Koch will be playing the same course at Pecan Valley from Victoria West. 

Finally the third school will be St. Joseph.  They have already been to the regionals and the girls came out on top.  On Sunday Matty Bueller, Kaitlyn Cantu, Bethany Hickner, Cloe Velasco, and Kimberly Chavarria will have the practice round to get ready for State.  The tournament will be held in Temple at Wildfire Country Club which will begin on Monday and is a two day event. 

I wish all of the young area golfers the best of luck in both regionals and state as they have worked hard to improve their game this season.  Show your support for these golfers and don't forget to wish them good luck.  A special thanks to Coach McIntosh for providing the information about our local high school sports.