You've probably heard about the Eagleford Shale and the oil boom going on in Dewitt and Gonzales counties. This brings a much needed boost to the economy in each of these counties and the surrounding area, not to mention making millions of dollars for the lucky land owners who lease their land for drilling. By all appearances it's a winning situation for all involved, but there is one problem that no one seems to want to address... the problem of truck traffic... mainly the truck traffic on highway 183, but the truck traffic on any number of our rural highways in the area. Since the drilling began the number of eighteen wheelers, oil tankers, water haulers, cement trucks, frac trucks, and heavy equipment movers has grown at a steady rate. It has now reached a point where danger lurks around every curve, just over every hill, right behind you or right in front of you. I drove through both Gonzales and Dewitt counties on my way to work this morning. Three times I was almost involved in collisions because of large trucks "ruling the road".

 I'm afraid there is a large percentage of truck drivers that just don't care or are just not aware that we, the passenger vehicle drivers, are even here. It appears that they figure they are bigger, therefore, we should stay out of their way. My point is, I pay my taxes, too. My money went to build those roads, too. I have just as much right to use those roads as the truckers do. How about you truckers take a little time to look out for the every day commuter on the highway instead of  acting like the road belongs to you? And how about you law enforcement agencies make sure they do. If I pulled some of the stunts these truckers pull daily, I would, at the very least, be ticketed for my trouble.

So give us a break here. We were here before the oil boom and we intend to stay here. You truckers show a little courtesy to the local travelers. You law enforcement officers show the truckers we mean business. Please.