I swore I wouldn't do it. Every blogger on the planet has an opinion about Charlie Sheen and his latest antics. Okay, maybe 'antics' isn't a strong enough description. Maybe something like his 'latest roughshod romp through common sense and decency' is more to the point. Quite frankly, I don't really care what Charlie Sheen does or thinks. I know how to change the station on my radio and my television. I don't have to look... but it's kinda like a train wreck, isn't it. Once again, a Hollywood raised 'child of priviledge'... a silver-spoonfed son of a star... the heir apparent to the Martin Sheen acting empire... and a great actor in his own right... can't keep his demons in check. It's not the first time we've seen this rodeo.

My main concern is his children. I can only assume that someone other than Charlie is looking after them. But, before that assumption, I must assume that Charlie is intelligent enough to see the importance of having some sort of stabilizing influence in their young lives.

That brings me to the Martina McBride question. According to CMT Offstage's Alison Bonaguro, "Martina tweeted yesterday (Feb. 28), "Anyone wonder why those two little kids are allowed to be in the house with Charlie Sheen right now?" Charlie Sheen, the once-great film and television actor who's been in the headlines at lot lately, has been spending the past week doing interviews full of his own brand of holier-than-thou swagger about his substance abuse issues. And I can only assume what McBride's tweet was about was the interview he did with TMZ.com from the backyard of his estate in Los Angeles. At one point, he points to his house and says of his young sons, "They're right in there somewhere. The kids are here, and that's all that matters." He also said that telling his kids not to take drugs would not help them stay drug-free and that one day he would tell them about his "epic" and "gnarly" drug days. Maybe someone in charge will read McBride's tweet and question Sheen himself and get the kids out of his house. Of course, now that he's been suspended from Two and a Half Men and his publicist has resigned, finding someone besides Sheen who's in charge could be the biggest obstacle."

Thanks for asking the question, Martina. Don't expect an answer anytime soon.