You've probably heard the rumors... Miranda Lambert is a hard-nosed professional with a mind and an agenda of her own. You don't cross her and you don't get in her way for fear of serious injury. Of course, I'm exaggerating and I don't know if any of that is true. According to Miranda, it wasn't always that way.

Miranda Lambert says, when she was little, she stayed on Santa’s “nice” list. CMT Daily Roundup quotes Miranda as saying, “I pushed the limit, but I never really got too far out there. I was not a rebel at all. I didn’t party at all in high school. I was a very good Christian girl. Yeah! Not that I’m not now, it’s just I learned, you know, when I started playin’ in a bar, all of that sort of changed. I kind of got thick skinned and had a little chip on my shoulder because I had to walk into a place with my guitar and people would be like, ‘Aw, how cute...little 17-year-old blonde girl with braids.’ I was like, ‘No. Listen. I have to say something that’s important,’ you know? I think that’s how I got my rough edge was playin’ in those bars.” Miranda’s latest album, Four the Record, made Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2011 list. Miranda’s current single off the CD is “Over You,” a song about the death of husband Blake Shelton’s older brother, Richie.
 Miranda admits to that if she were a contestant on Blake’s NBC show The Voice, she would pick Cee Lo Green as her coach, because she finds him “hilarious, fun, and passionate.”
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