I have been looking everywhere for a certain type of energy drink.  It's called fruit punch NOS.  It's so good and I think I might be addicted to them.  I like the regular type of NOS including the other flavors as well but the fruit punch in my opinion is the best energy drink I have ever had. 

First there was Red Bull, then Monster, and now there are just so many choices you just don't know which one to grab anymore.  Seriously go to the local convenience store and you will notice all the options to pep you up for the day.  The same goes for the 5 hour energy drink shots.  There are multiple versions of those now too.

Back to the NOS though.  I have been to every gas station here in Victoria and I haven't found any in months.  When I do go out of town and I find them I buy the whole rack simply because I don't know when I will be able to get them again.  Is that bad?  If you have seen this certain can of deliciousness please comment or call me at 1 (361) 573-0777 and ask for Rob.