Halloween weekend is here. If you have kids, I'm sure they're pretty excited about trick or treating. While we do live in a pretty safe city, it's important to remember some basic safety rules for this weekend's trick or treating, courtesy of Victoria Police Department.

1 – Costume Safety – Make sure costumes and masks fit properly to prevent children from tripping or limiting their vision. Look for costumes that are flame resistant.

2 – Increase Visibility – Simply adding reflective material or tape to costumes and candy bags will help dramatically. You may also consider providing your little ones with flashlights or glow sticks (kids love those).

3 – Walk in Groups – Walking in groups will also improve visibility. While one child may be difficult to see, a group is much more obvious. Younger children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If older kids are allowed to go on their own – being in a group could increase their safety.

4 – Only Visit Well Lit Houses – Go only to homes where the residents have outside lights on as a sign of welcome. This not only help keep kids from falling in the dark but, it also keeps them away from the "weird" neighbors with the creepy house. We had one in my neighborhood when I was a kid, we all thought the house was haunted.

5 – Never Go into Houses – Never enter homes unless with a trusted adult. Small children should also never go up to a door alone while trick or treating.

6 – Pedestrian Safety – Obviously sidewalks are the safest place to walk. If there are no sidewalks available, then walk on the left side of the street (facing traffic) and always try to cross the street at an intersection, preferably ones with stop signs or lights, with crosswalks. Don’t ever assume that drivers will see you. Always make sure traffic stops before entering the street. Just because one car stops, doesn't mean others will! Never let small children walk alone.

7 – Traffic Safety – Drivers, remember that oftentimes, children are unpredictable so you must be extra cautious when driving on Halloween. Some children may get caught up in the excitement and without thinking, run into the street.

8 – Cell Phone – Responsible adults as well as kids that have a cell phone should carry one for quick communication. Law enforcement should be notified immediately of any suspicious or unlawful activity. Call 911 in an emergency or the VPD non-emergency line at 361-573-3221.

9 – Candy Safety - At the end of the night when the fun is over and it’s time to dive into the pile of candy, parents must remember to check the packaging for choking hazards or tampering, before allowing their children to eat it. A suggestion is to eat only factory-wrapped treats. Avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers.And, don't let your pets get into the candy either, because it can be harmful to them.

10 – Designated Drivers – Adults enjoying Halloween “boos” (adult beverages) should obviously be responsible and have a designated driver.

Remember, keep it safe this Halloween!