In the darkest depths of suicidal despair, Gulf Bend Center offers a light of hope.
“This week is national Suicide Prevention Week (Sept. 9 – Sept. 15), so we wanted to take this
opportunity to make area residents aware of the warning signs of suicide and the resources that
are available to help people come back from that edge and reach recovery,” said Daniel
Rodriguez, Crises Services Director at Gulf Bend Center.

The following warning signs, Rodriguez said, are red flags that someone could be a risk for
Chronically depressed mood
A lack of motivation to take care of themselves
A loss of interest in life
A loss of interest in hobbies and possessions, which can include giving things away
Isolating themselves from other people.

If someone notices warning signs of suicide in a friend or loved one, or in themselves, there are
several options available for help, Rodriguez said. They can call the Gulf Bend Center hotline at
877-723-3422 (SAFE-GBC) and the Crisis Response Team can perform an evaluation and
arrange for proper help. The crisis team can connect someone with a counselor or other resources
immediately if needed.

A potentially suicidal individual can also be taken to any area emergency room to get help. The
hospital staff will contact Gulf Bend Center, which will dispatch a crisis team to evaluate the
person and get them the help they need.
Lastly, law enforcement can also be called to get someone the help they need before a suicide

For more information, call Gulf Bend Center at 800-421-8825 or visit