1. From the desk of O.C. Garza, Communications Director for the City of Victoria;  People are saying that Canyon Lake is full and the GBRA will soon open all the flood gates, which will flood all downstream communities on the Guadalupe. FALSE! Yes, Canyon Lake is full again (cheers all around!!) but it is a flood control lake. GBRA is very much aware of the high water moving downstream and they have no plans to release water from the lake until the downstream river conditions are safe to do so.
  2. People are saying that the bridge across Loop 463 and the Guadalupe River will collapse because of the large log jam that has built up. FALSE! Log jams build up around that bridge from time to time. Both TXDOT and GBRA are aware of the log jam and it will not damage the bridge.
  3. People are saying the dam has failed in Cuero. FALSE! There is no dam in Cuero J
  4. People are saying the Moody Bridge will close today. FALSE. There are no plans to close the Moody Bridge and we do not expect the bridge to go underwater during this flood.