If you have been wondering what that yellow trailer on the corner of Navarro and Sam Houston is all about well I have good news.  Golds Gym is actually coming to Victoria very soon.  Right now  they have a very good deal going on not only for you but for a friend and the whole family as well.  Earlier today from 4-6 I had a live broadcast for Golds Gym and I was really impressed.  You know how some businesses will promote an offer that is simply too good to be true.  At first that is what I thought about Golds Gym.  I was proven wrong today.

Here's the deal, if you just want a place where you want to work out and nothing else they will have a membership for only $9.99 per month.  No hidden fees or contracts.  It's really that price.  They will have over 150 pieces of equipment to help you get in shape.  Actually if you probably take all of the weights in Victoria and combine then into one store, Golds Gym is what you get.

The Gold Membership gets even better.  It's only $19.99 and you get the opportunity to use not only the equipment but massage chairs, the tanning booths, 50% off drinks which includes pre and post workout drinks, and energy drinks, plus you get to bring a friend for free everytime you come in for a good workout.

Sounds like a good deal right.  Well I haven't even mentioned the best part.  They will have a section in the gym where you can watch a movie while your working out.  Isn't that the coolest thing ever!  If you sign up before they open it will only cost a dollar!  That's right $1.00, 4 quarters, 2 fifty cent pieces, 100 pennies.  You get the drift.  It's only for a limited time though so take advantage of it while it lasts.  $9.99 a month for a membership, $19.99 for a few extra features with the Gold Membership.  Let's get fit!