If you've been following my posts here, you know that Easter weekend was the weekend we finally made our move to a house in Victoria, after having commuted from El Campo (53 miles each way!) for over 1-1/2 years.

The first night we spent in our new house, we were welcomed into our new neighborhood by a nice couple that lives nearby. It was nice to meet them!

However, there is a "welcome to the neighborhood" letter that is quickly going viral, and it's pretty cool!I know I would sure feel welcome to a new place if I received a similar letter! Here's the story, as seen on the Independent Journal Review online:

"Chris” dropped this letter off at his new neighbor’s home, and you can see why people are going nuts over it:

It was posted on Reddit this week, and although no one knows where it came from or when it was written, it’s still terrific, just the same.

(via Going Viral: Letter From New Neighbor Is Fantastic.)