I've heard it said, "with big money comes big problems". No matter how big you become, no matter how far your star rises, you're still going to have to deal with problems along the way. Ask Garth Brooks. I don't have to tell you, Garth has made more money than any of us can even imagine. And with his wife's fortune (Trisha Yearwood) it's almost unimaginable what they may be financially worth. That doesn't change the fact that Garth is in court.

CMT Dialy Roundup reports that Garth Brooks took the witness stand Friday (1/20) to testify in his civil lawsuit against the owner of an Oklahoma hospital. The dispute is over a $500,000 donation he made with the understanding that a new women's health center would be built and named after his late mother, Coleen Brooks, who died of cancer. In the suit filed in 2009 against Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital, Garth is asking for all of his money back. During Friday's court proceedings, the country star said, "I thought this was one of the great gifts my mom was going to bring to Yukon, Oklahoma." Since the donation, no new women’s health center has been built. The jury trial at the Rogers County Courthouse in Claremore, Oklahoma, is expected to continue through Tuesday.
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