On May 19th the Hallettsville Cultural Events Center, a recently established 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization promising to bring arts back to Hallettsville will host it’s first Fundraiser. At 2PM Heart of the Tin Trunk (Czech and German heritage musical) DVD and Karolina Syrovatkova's childhood movie In Love (Zamilovana, in Czech with English subtitles) will be shown in the movie theater on the Hallettsville Courthouse Square. About 4PM refreshments will be served in the Englein Haus followed by Karolina Syrovatkova's and David Chapman's return performance. Karolina will be performing one of the trilogy of the last Schubert Sonatas. Czech/Texan reception provided by Czech pastry chef Pavla von Bibber followed by a dance.

The Hallettsville Cultural Events Center is located at 115 North Main on the west side of the Courthouse Square in Hallettsville. Formerly called the Englein Haus in the Kahn-Stanzel building, it has a nostalgic atmosphere of elegance and refinement. Nancy Braus founded the organization as an attempt to revive the lost culture of Hallettsville, once a thriving arts scene of Central Texas. Karolina Syrovatkova, a doctorate candidate at UT Austin in Piano Performance is the artistic director and frequent performer. The Hallettsville Cultural Center also hosts the Guest Poet Society led by Darla McBryde the first Sunday of every month as well as regular art exhibits. The Englein Haus is recognized by the U.S. National Registry of Historic Places with antique furnishings, artwork, and German and Czech crystal tastefully displayed throughout the space and an antique Gulbaranson Baby Grand Piano.

Theatrical, musical, cultural events, art exhibitions, book and author luncheons including the fundraising May 19th events are offered free of charge; however, tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated. Our vow is to always provide high quality but free of charge musical and artistic experiences. In order to be able to do that, we need your support: the artists need to make a living. We are also looking for a concert grand piano to be able to deliver high quality performances and attract great musicians. Come and join us for an afternoon of fun, music, friends, art, great food and dance!

Spring Program Dates:
4/27/13 2:00 PM Stana Katic Opera
5/05/13 3:30 PM Artina & Martin McCain Piano
and Trombone
5/19/13 2:00 PM Artistic marathon fundraiser
program - See description above

Information: Nancy Braus 361-798-9295; Karolina Syrovatkova JJKS05@yahoo.com
Hallettsville Cultural Events Center on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Englein-Haus-Hallettsville-Cultural-Event-Center/257905964331423