I will always remember all the fun I had playing with Legos as a kid.  I made all kinds of different cars, airplanes, ships, robots, buildings, pretty much everything.  Do you remember Lincoln Logs?  I loved those as well!  You can even make Lego Angry Birds.  These days you have a much bigger selection of Legos to play with, even characters from  your favorite movie or show!

On Thursday at the Victoria Public Library you can bring your imagination and build with legos.  Other Lego enthusiasts will be there for you to share your Lego building stories with or even join forces and have fun sharing ideas.  I believe there will be a prize for the best Lego design so bring your creativity and just have a good time.  This is for all ages and especially families.

For more information about the Victoria Public Library and other events for the family visit their website at www.victoriapubliclibrary.org or call 485-3302.