The 'Flag City Opry' will be Tuesday evening at 7pm at 411 N. Wells Street in Edna. A catered meal will be served by Werner's of Shiner at 6pm. The meal will consist of grilled chicken breast, rice pilaf, green beans, lettuce salad, rolls and tea for $7.00 per plate. The show is $5.00 per ticket. Flag City Opry is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary.  The August show will also be our annual Polka Show.  Performers for the show include;

John Dujka - Brenham, Texas

Mark Dujka - East Bernard, Texas

Al Sulak - Orchard, Texas

Shane Lala - Dacosta County

Lexi Stavinoha - Needville, Texas

and The Flag City Opry Band

For more information, call Charlie Kroll at 361-782-9211 or visit our website at