Thousands of flags flutter in the wind, a white glow brightening the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Sam Houston Highway with a sea of vibrant red, white and blue. Field of Honor, which runs through June 3 - particularly for Warrior's Weekend - places American flags in honor of veterans alive, veterans who died and veterans who never came home. The field will be dedicated at 8 p.m. Thursday. But all are not forgotten, said retired Col. Michael Petrash, who spearheads the field. "Warrior's Weekend is a community of patriots who know that we cannot forget these sacrifices," he wrote in an email to the Victoria Advocate. "But it's more than that. Not forgetting is only the beginning - we must get out there and actively do something honorable." When Petrash first began the Field of Honor in 2009, 550 flags punctuated the field. This year, more than 2,700 flags will shroud the field.

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