What sets me apart from most other instructors is a few key areas. The most important area is a no-nonsense approach to teaching and answering questions. the answer to most situational questions is “I don’t know.” Ostensibly, that doesn’t sound like a very confidence-inspiring answer until you understand that NO ONE can know what YOU should do in a given situation. As an instructor, it is my job to give you the skills required to protect yourself, it is not my job to pretend I have all the answers.

Often times, by the time I finish expounding on my “I don’t know” answer, my students appreciate the fact that I didn’t try to BS them because I wasn’t confident enough to admit to them that every situation is different. The usual outcome from that question is a student MUCH better prepared to think about those things herself. My goal, along with helping them unlock their skills, is to help them begin to think differently about the prospect of self defense with a firearm.

One of the other things that sets me apart is my experience. I have carried a gun, I have used a gun, I have NOT used a gun when others might have. I have worked in some of the roughest places one can imagine. I have also devoted a great deal of my energy and treasure to my trade. Many people don’t know that a LTC instructor can have as little as just 7 days of training under their belt. There is ZERO pre-requisite for NRA instructor classes (two days) and one can use that certification to attend LTC instructor school. I understand that this is a calling, NOT something one does for extra beer money.

I have held over 42 instructor certifications in all disciplines related to combat weapon utilization including: Use of Force, Edge weapon defense, Force on Force, Red Teaming, and more. Lastly, what sets me apart is I do not run a fantasy camp. Every minute of our classes is dedicated to the student. We are specialists in identifying the different taxonomies and connecting with each student based on how they learn. It’s all about the student. They didn’t pay to hear how great I am, they paid to advance their knowledge. That is what we do best. My goal is to make you a better shooter than I am.