I can remember my Dad asking me about the internet. No specific questions... it was more like "what is the internet?". Think back 10 years... would you ever have imagined that facebook would be the phenomenon it is today? It has become so huge that even Grandma is using it.

Edens Edge is happy to have you “like” them on Facebook or “follow” them on Twitter, but the group’s Dean Berner says there’s one fan in particular they’re most proud of to have be their friend online. Berner told CMT Daily Roundup, “One day I got onto Facebook and my grandmother had friended me on Facebook and I was like, ‘Woah! She’s on Facebook!’ And now she’s pretty active on it. She’s always writing on people’s walls and posting things. Then, I saw that she had liked Edens Edge on her Facebook and wrote a little note about it, so that’s a cool thing.” Another cool thing for Dean and the gang – they’ve been added to Rascal Flatts’ upcoming summer tour! Learn more about the band at edensedge.com.
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