It's another 'feel good' story of local (well... Texas local) musicians making a name for themselves on the national stage. Every so often a "Texas" artist will make a splash on the national scene. Pat Green did it... so did Jack Ingram and plenty more... but very seldom do you see one of our beloved "Texas" artists or bands go to the top... number one!!

Eli Young Band’s #1 single “Crazy Girl” landed on the top of Billboard’s Year End Country Songs chart. The guys have been pounding the pavement all year on tour, where fans have been supporting their music in unique ways.CMT Daily Roundup quotes the guys as saying, “The funny thing about being on the road right now—we’ve got these ‘Crazy Girl’ bracelets—and we saw on Facebook not too long ago, there were these girls that had taken a picture of their bracelets and they called them ‘Warning Labels’ and we thought that was extremely appropriate." This spring, the band will make their first trip to Australia, touring Down Under with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
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