On Saturday and Sunday there will be a Father's Day Golf Tournament at the Edna Country Club.  The tee off time will be 8 a.m.  There is no championship flight and flight based on lowest team member handicap.  There will also be a free practice round held on Friday.  You actually have until 8 p.m. tonight to register for this tournament.  To sign up and for more information call the Edna Country Club at (361)-782-3010.

This is a great opportunity as golfing with your dad is quite fun.  I remember my dad taught me the game of golf when I was 5 and he was also the golf coach for the school.  I learned so much from him and still do everyday.  Even better my grandfather joins us when all three are available.  I remember as a kid getting so mad I couldn't beat those two.  Of course they would always rub it in.

Here we are many many years later and they are no competition anymore.  My dad just retired so I'm sure his game will get a little better so I better practice.  I will forever be grateful for my dad and him teaching me one of the greatest games to play.  Once again this is will be a great time and of course give you some time to spend with dad!