One of the funny things about country music is that someone is always being tauted as the "next big thing"... whatever that means. A couple of years ago it was Dierks Bentley. In fact, back then, it was not uncommon to hear industry professionals call Dierks the "next George Strait". You must admit, that's a pretty tall order. In my humble opinion, you can have a successful, even "dazzling" career and never touch what George Strait has accomplished. In my experience I have found that persistence is the key to longevity in the country music business.

Dierks Bentley’s new album, Home, is set to be released on February 7th. Dierks reveals the new music “feels fresh” and a little different, musically, than some of his previous albums. Home features 12 new tracks, including the #1 single, “Am I the Only One.” In an interview with CMT Daily Roundup, Dierks said, “I mean, I’m always trying to be a better songwriter and trying to get in there and write songs that have more depth. At the same token, I love songs that are just fun, and when I’m driving around, I love jamming to. So, that aspect is represented on there as well.” Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild makes an appearance on one of the tracks as well as legendary bluegrass musicians Sam Bush and Tim O’Brien. Plus, Dierks promises a “hidden special guest” on the song, “Thinking of You.”

Home Track List

  1. “Am I The Only One”
  2. “Gonna Die Young”
  3. “Tip It On Back”
  4. “Home”
  5. “Diamonds Make Babies”
  6. “In My Head”
  7. “Breathe You In”
  8. “The Woods”
  9. “When You Gonna Come Around” (Featuring Karen Fairchild)
  10. “5-1-5-0”
  11. “Heart Of A Lonely Girl”
  12. “Thinking Of You”
  13. You can hear Dierks Bentley every day on KIXS 108.