The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee is the church of country music. Having made several pilgramages myself, I highly suggest that any fan of country music do themselves a favor and go to the place where country music (as an industry) was born. Everyone who is anyone in country music has stood on the Ryman stage.

Dierks Bentley is scheduled to celebrate the release of his new album, Home, with a special concert at the historic Ryman Auditorium this Thursday (2/2). The concert will be extra-special for Dierks since he’ll be one of the last to perform on the Ryman stage before it is renovated this weekend. Dierks told CMT Daily Roundup, “It’s my most favorite place to play. It’s the place I have the most respect for. I didn’t need any added pressure, and then you find out that they’re ripping up the stage that’s been on there for the last 60 years to put in a stronger stage to support more of the rock bands that come through and play it now. Hopefully, we leave a great last final mark on that stage.” The current stage, which has been in place since 1951, is being replaced with a stronger form of wood, to improve the stage’s durability and capacity. Dierks’ new album hits stores February 7th.

Dierks has his pilot’s license and enjoys meandering through the clouds on a rare day off. “I had a short break... I had about a month off between last year’s tour and recording and getting ready to go back out again, and I just really got into it and spent the last of my little time off just letting a different part of my brain get used. It’s just great. It’s really fun having a little mission to fly to a gig.”

Dierks will re-launch his Country & Cold Cans Tour in the U.S. beginning April 13th in Los Angeles. Next month, Dierks heads to Canada and Australia before returning to the states.

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