I bet this guy sure loves Nascar!  Talk about taking your love for a brand to the extreme!  I like this guy though.  Obviously it's a work truck, (I hope) and he did some engineering to make a point that he loves Chevrolet.  The least he could do was make it center, jeesh.  I've came across some very interesting vehicles in my days and this is definitely one of my favorites.  If you can't tell this gentlemen put a wood plank across his truck and wrote out Chevrolet.

I have noticed BMW symbols on beater cars like an old Honda Civic, I have witnessed a Mercedes Benz symbol on a Chevy Cavalier, and my favorite is when someone takes the Rolls Royce figure and puts it on their Cadillac.  Really?

Do these people not notice other drivers laughing at them.  I've always wondered what would make someone do that.  You know what buddy, if you like the symbol so bad, save up your money to actually buy the car!

This guy doesn't have a tailgate but he sure loves the Chevrolet family!  I would love to see some of the most horrific looking vehicles you have came across, or funny signs on cars, vehicles with no hood are funny too!  Email me at robgarrett@townsquaremedia.com