I have always been pretty knowledgeable about sports and the players that participate.  I will be honest with you, I do not know every single person that plays on a specific team.  I will leave that up to the fans that are just over the top in love with their favorite sports team.  What about this kid, though.  He is 3 years old and can name all of the players of the Baltimore Ravens.

How impressive is that!  I'm sure he has had some help from mom and dad.  Perhaps he gets quizzed everyday about it.  Well it certainly paid off.  I do not have kids and this little guy makes me want to.  I am looking forward to someday teaching  my kids about sports

Do you have any protege's out there that are very good at memorizing sports teams, or could be other special abilities.  Maybe your kid knows 4 languages already, or excels in playing an instrument. Is your kid or someone you know as impressive as this little Raven?  He should get Ravens tickets for life and be voted as cutest sports kid of 2012 if there is such a thing.