For all of you Basketball fans in South Texas, there are usually two team you root for.  The San Antonio Spurs or The Houston Rockets.  I choose the Spurs, while any true NBA fan cannot deny the consistency of this NBA powerhouse.  The numbers behind the legendary Coach Pop and the biggest three(in my opinion) are to much to ignore.  They have the highest winning percentage of any of the four major sports, since drafting The Big Fundamental .  The Spurs are THE model of a team, from top to bottom!  As they start their annual "Rodeo Road Trip," once again they will make their usual playoff push.  How far will they go?  Can they make a third consecutive trip to the NBA finals?  Despite all of their injuries this year, they are getting healthy a just the right time.  If they can make it past the overwhelming Western Conference, I truly think that can re-peat and hang a 6th banner!  What about you?