Making art is not simple - just stop by Ann Harithas' "Transformative Visions" exhibit at the Nave Museum. Her art mixes different media, like paper, glue, paint and other material to form collages that have been shown all over the world, and now, her newest work will be showcased at the museum from Dec. 7 to Jan. 20. "For me, collage is a language, the medium I use to express my thoughts, hopes and dreams," Harithas wrote to the Victoria Advocate.

Most of the work is originated from small paper collages made from used magazines and transformed into large-scale works of canvas, paint and polymers. Many of her influences come from her art education received in Victoria, according to the Nave Museum's website. Her cousin, Madeline O'Connor, an artist, had working relationships with many artists in the 20th century. She has also championed art cars in Victoria through exhibitions and parades for the past several years.

Ann Harithas' Nave Museum exhibit is on display at the Patron's Party, 8-10 p.m. Dec. 6; exhibit noon-4 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday and noon-7 p.m. Thursday beginning Dec. 7 to Jan 20. at the Nave Museum, 306 W. Commercial Street. For more information call 361-575-8227 or visit the website at or