Taking over the mic this morning was Lacy as JP in the Morning’s co-host. Lacy lives in Victoria.  Here is a little about Lacy.

Lacy always wanted to be a spy princess when she grew up. If she ever won the lottery she would donate money to at least 4 different cancer, leukemia organizations. She is both a cat and dog lover. She hates mowing and says she always ends up getting hit by a rock or a stick.  Her favorite artist is Luke Bryan. Her favorite song is “Talladega” by Erick Church. If she had to select three songs to be on her life soundtrack it would be “My Front Porch Looking In” ,“Homegrown” and “Don’t Blink”.  Her favorite quote is “We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”– Andre Gide

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