It was another fun filled morning with Jen as our co-host.  She was born and raised in Bay City Texas and is Blackcat loud and proud!  She moved around just a little bit and ended up in our beautiful city of Victoria.  Her fun story of the morning is when she when out to a club in Bryan/College Station and had all her friends with her because she was the only one that had a car.  They had a great evening of fun until the end of the night when they went outside and could not find her car.  It turns out they taking parking regulations very seriously up there.  I guess you could call this her getting to know the real world moment.  At the age of 21 for her birthday she went to go see the King of Country Music George Strait in concert.  I would say that is a pretty good birthday indeed.  After a move to Austin, they felt Victoria would be home for them.  Jen works at St. Joseph High School and definitely brightens everyone's day with her awesome energy and contagious smile.  She will also be celebrating her 16th wedding Anniversary on Friday.  This was another awesome Wednesday morning in the studio. I would love for you to join the show, send  me an email at