This just gets better and better. As we told you before, Carrie Underwood leads the way in CMT Music Awards nominations, and right now, you have a chance to meet Carrie. All the information is right here on the KIXS 108 website. Enter now!! You could be the lucky winner!! 

Carrie Underwood garnered five nominations for the upcoming 2012 CMT Music Awards. Carrie’s “Good Girl” video is one of several nominated for Video of the Year on the June 6th awards show, airing on CMT. In “Good Girl,” Carrie wears a variety of snazzy shoes and she admits that her own collection is pretty impressive. Carrie told CMT Daily Roundup, “I mean, I have a lot of shoes. I’m not gonna, an unnecessary amount of shoes. Um, I did revamp my closet and then I thought, ‘I’ll never be able to fill all these shoe spaces,’ and I’m out of shoe spaces. So, what’s a girl to do?” In addition to “Good Girl,” Carrie’s duet with Brad Paisley on “Remind Me” and her performance with Steven Tyler on CMT Crossroads also earned her nominations.
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