According to a news release, just under a month from now (on Thursday, May 1, 2014), the City of Victoria will begin converting its water disinfection process to free chlorine for a period of approximately one (1) month. This is a temporary measure taken at the treatment plant to "improve the quality of water being served to our customers."

The release goes on to say: "Generally, there are no noticeable changes in the quality of the water as a result of this temporary change. Some taste and odor changes, however, are possible. These are normally short-lived and there are no associated health risks as a result of this temporary change"

The temporary conversion to free chlorine is especially important for dialysis patients, as they may need to change the pretreatment scheme for their dialysis machines. Anyone conditioning water for fish or aquariums may also need to make changes to their water pre-treatment process.

At the conclusion of the one month conversion period, which should occur on or around Friday, May 31, 2014, the City of Victoria will convert its water disinfection process back to chloramines. Prior to this occurring, the City will issue another notice to notify its customers and citizens of the change.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding this temporary disinfection change, please contact either Donald Reese, Deputy Director of Public Works at 361-485-3380 or David Burger, Surface Water Treatment Plant Manager at 361-485-3415