There’s a lot to watch, play, read and stream out there. Some of it is good, and some of it is bad, like worse than Rosie O’Donnell playing Betty Rubble bad.

Every week, we’ll help you navigate through the week’s glut of entertainment and pop culture offerings with ‘Check It or Chuck It’: A list of five things to enjoy and five things to avoid for the week.

Nick Offerman on the cover of ‘The Occasional’

Funny or Die releases the second issue of its awesome “iPad electronic magazine” ‘The Occasional’ today, featuring an interview with ‘Parks and Recreation’ star Nick Offerman. This one is worth downloading if only for Offerman’s hilarious Ron Swanson meets hipster-woodsman cover photo. The issue also features an interview with ‘Parks and Recreation’ writer Harris Wittels.

The Dictator

The early promos for Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest made it look like an unofficial sequel to ‘The Love Guru’ (Read: awful).  But the latest trailer promises an appealing story and some genuine tasteless laugh-out-loud comedy. The critics seem to like it too – the film, opening Wednesday, is certified fresh (so far) over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Tron: Uprising

Catch the first episode of Disney’s visually stunning ‘Tron’ animated prequel, now streaming on the web for free. The show, which still looks cool despite a serious lack of Jeff Bridges, premieres on the tube Friday night on Disney.

Danny McBride on Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Podcast

We never miss a chance to benefit from the ultimate wisdom of Kenny Powers, and neither should you. The ‘Eastbound & Down’ star sits down for a revealing chat with Marc Maron on this Thursday’s episode of ‘WTF.’

Three new episodes of ‘Community’ in one night

In the first of the three new episodes airing Thursday on NBC, ‘Breaking Bad’s bad ass meth mogul Giancarlo Esposito forces Pierce and the study group to play a deadly video game. Awesome.


We know what some of you are thinking – “But it’s got ‘splosions and aliens and Rihanna wearing a dripping wet tank top! What’s not to lurve?” I hear ya, but I encourage you to skip this trite-looking Michael Bayfest wannabe, opening Friday, and save up for multiple viewings of ‘Prometheus,’ which opens in June and is sure to make ‘Battleship’ look like a Syfy Saturday Night Movie. Let’s send a message to the Hollywood studio heads that keep feeding us this swill: We want a little more imagination in our big, loud sci-fi blockbusters. (Also, less G.I. Rihanna and more Robot Charlize Theron, please.)

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

It’s a romantic comedy based on a best-selling baby book. That should be enough to wipe this new theatrical release off your radar. Need more? Like ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘New Years Eve’ (Ugh), this one also looks like it squanders a pretty solid cast by making them spout lazy, watered down non-jokes and sleepwalk through dull relationship drama.

Bringing Down the House — 10th Anniversary Edition Bluray

Ten years ago, Steve Martin decided to derail his film career and brutally punish his fan base with this atrocity about what happens when Queen Latifah brings a little soul to your hiz-ouse, ya’ll. Why anyone would want to celebrate this movie’s tenth anniversary is beyond me. It makes more sense for us to celebrate, say, the return of the McRib or the birth of Kim Jong-un. Avoid at all costs.

Keane, ‘Strangeland’

The UK band that could (but didn’t) makes a bid to be the next Train (limp, overly sentimental, radio baiting pop stars) with its harshly reviewed new album. I’ll let Slant mag take it form here: “Strangeland sounds every bit as dated and overblown as the singles from Cher’s ‘rock’ phase.”

Photos of Jessica Simpson’s baby

Someone paid $800,000 for the first shots of Simpson’s offspring. Let’s not reward them for that decision.