Ever Wondered About Disc Golf? [VIDEO]
When I first moved here to Victoria, I was impressed by a lot of the area's events and attractions and what recreational opportunities there are, especially in Riverside Park. One sport that I learned about for the first time was Disc Golf...
We’ve Got a Jon Wolfe Clone On Our Hands
It's well known that Jon Wolfe has some of the best lookin' fans in Texas, and beyond. However we think it safe to say that we may have found his cutest.
Owen is just four-years-old, and judging from the video he his the Natural Man's biggest, youngest, and cutest fan...
Randy Travis Stops By to Visit Aaron Watson Before His Concert
Just like every other Country Music fan, Aaron Watson loves him some Randy Travis. Last week before his concert the legend stopped by to see the Honky Tonk Kid, and judging from his Facebook post, Watson was floored by the visit.
Randy Travis came to my show Thursday night and seeing him again made m…

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