Sturgill Simpson + Stephen Colbert Sing About Waffle House
Sturgill Simpson has the No. 1 country album this week, and the Kentucky native stopped by Late Night and found a duet partner in host, Stephen Colbert.
Simpson sang his new single, but not before the unlikely new duo sang their love for Waffle House, and the proper way to act when visiting one...
Granger Smith Takin’ the Country to Late Night TV
Since "Backroad Song" topped the Billboard Country chart in early March, Granger has been making his national television rounds. First it was the TODAY Show, followed by Fox & Friends. Tonight the Granger Smith television tour heads to late night, and Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.
Bizarre UFO Sighting Over Texas [VIDEO]
Have you ever seen a UFO? I can't say that I have, at least not anything that appeared to me to be 'not of this Earth' but, I am fascinated by the possibility that we're being visited by beings from another planet.
Whether you believe or not, there are some interesting videos out there but, most of t…

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