Video Games

The Legendary Pacman Video!
This looks like a lot of fun!  Are you thinking about other video games where you can do this too?  I can't really think of any at the moment.  If you know of some let us know!
Angry Birds Vs Misunderstood Pigs
There is a brand new game in the app store called "Misunderstood Pigs" and personally I am looking forward to this download.  What if the pigs were really the good guys and the angry birds were just a bunch of bullies and secretly acting like the victim...
Angry Birds Cartoon!
Angry Birds creators made a short film to commemorate the release of a new level called "Wreck The Halls".  I will be downloading it after work as I ran out of levels to play in Angry Birds!  Also how many of you purchased an Angry Birds item for Christmas this year...
Play Super Mario Bros. in a Cardboard Box [VIDEO]
The Super Mario Bros. have made hundreds of appearances in different video games since the characters were introduced in 1985, but this one is probably the most unique.
It’s an electronic board game version of the Nintendo classic, the player maneuvers Mario analog-style, us…
Are You Ready For College Football?
I don't know about you but I am ready for some college football.  I'm ready for the NFL as well but we won't go there right now.  I'm actually talking about NCAA Football 12 for the Ps3 and Xbox. 
Did I fool ya, well sorry about that...

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