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eSports — 5 Things You Need to Know
eSports (Electronic Sports) isn’t the nerdy pass time it used to be. With viewership growing exponentially, competitive gaming is breaking onto the pop culture scene. Now is as good a time as any to hop on the band wagon and give eSports a chance.
GameFly Fantasizes About Tearing GameStop Stores Apart
A little friendly rivalry keeps things spicy, but a seething, bitter grudge makes for real entertainment. GameFly steps things up a few notches in its game-trading grudge match with GameStop with a new commercial. Actors thrash an unnamed, extremely GameStop-like retail store, enraged over the fact …
‘The King of Fighters 2012′ Mobile Game Review
In case you haven’t noticed, there’s nowhere on an iPhone to plug in an arcade-style fighting stick. That means we’re stuck with touch controls that try to replicate arcade setups, which is about as easy as playing handball while wearing oven mitts.

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